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Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Food Fridays - Jam Foam

Hi Ya'll. This work week kind of did me in. I'm ready to lie down. What you see here is part of the laziest dinner in the world. Before this part of it, I munched crunchy veggies trying to decide what to do. Mr. Dwayne had already laid claim to the leftover chicken and grilled squash. In the end, I opted for goat cheese and jam. The only difference here is that the jam is from the foam I skimmed from the cherry and strawberry jams I made last weekend.

Some fruits foam more than others. Strawberry can foam very aggressively and I suggest that you never leave the kitchen once it is on the boil. When the jam nears the gel point, the foam will subside significantly, but there is always a little bit. Never throw it out! You might need a lazy dinner one night too.

Wishing you all a carefree, safe and joyful Independence Day weekend!

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