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Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Food Fridays - Steamed Eggs & Kale

One of the reasons I started posting RFF is that some things are just rediculously good, but they are so simple that writing up a recipe seems almost a little condescending. I like to share because sometimes I've discovered really yummy things somewhat late in life. Maybe there are others like me, who are trying to eat more greens and they've never tried this combo before. I've done plenty of omelettes and fritattas, but those scramble the eggs. These steamed eggs offer the rich, warm yolk as a perfect sauce for the greens.
I will also confess that I have never mastered the art of poaching eggs, although I like them very much.  This is a sort of greens-assisted, safety-first poached egg. I've had good success every time.

Although there is no recipe, I'll tell you what I did. I added about a tablespoon of water (from my morning kettle) to a small saute pan. (Do you have a special egg pan?) I heated the pan over a medium-low heat, then I put in a generous handfull of leftover steamed kale. (It was simply stemmed, chopped and steamed until tender.) Once the pan was warm, I made a little opening in the kale and broke in two eggs. I seasoned with salt and pepper and put on a lid. For my perfect eggs, it looks like 4 minutes on the #3 setting of my stove. You will have to experiment with your stove. I'm delighted to report that this dish is so easy, I can be trusted to make it before daylight and coffee on a weekday morning and still make it to work on time! Enjoy your breakfast veggies!

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