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Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Food Fridays - Maui Island Breakfast

 Maui Island Breakfast. 
Prepared with the biodegradable plastic knife from our Hawaiian Airlines lunch box. 
Yogurt, guava jam, liliquoi, mango, apple banana and lychee. Yum!

Ah, vacation. Not only vacation, but, Hawai'ian vacation. My body loves the humidity, the sweet floral fragrance of the air, the warm clear water and the abundance of life everywhere. We stayed at the lovely Ka'anapali Beach Hotel on Maui. It is the second visit there for Mr. Dwayne and I. I've spoken of it so warmly and wistfully for nine years, that when we offered a special trip to Miss Madypants in celebration of her grad school MFA show, she asked to go there.

Ka'anapali Beach Hotel is inspirational and educational. On a stretch of amazing beach, it features the culture and natural beauty of the Island rather than the over-the-top luxury of the nearby resorts. Please consider visiting this beautiful and family friendly hotel. If you ever do, do not miss the Cultural Garden Tour presented by the loving and wise Malihina. I am fascinated by ancient wisdom and traditional food ways and she is a wealth of knowledge.

 We shared with Mr. and Mrs. Wren.
She is an expert papaya seed peeler!

Most food is imported to the Islands via ships and barges. The farm-to-table movement has taken root on Maui. Many of Hawai'i's residents are acutely aware of the narrow margin of food availability with which they live. I have friends and teachers who live on Hawai'i Island on a small farm. They say that there are six days of food on the island at any given time. If this idea doesn't inspire you to get growing some food, I don't know what will! One of the consequences of imported foods is increased cost. You can save a ton of money on food by eating an island breakfast in your room and packing lunches for your time at the beach. In a week's time, we became regulars at the nearby farmers' market in Olowalu. Olowalu also boasts Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop. Tropical fruit, pie and shave ice from the Olowalu General Store. What more could one ask of Island dining?

 Aloha, indeed!

A Hui Hou!

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