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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Food Fridays - Boozy Pears

This week's entry is a quickie. I've been very busy getting ready for my folk's 50th wedding anniversary party. Strangely, I didn't so much focus on the food as on getting all Martha Stewart on the decorations. I've spent most of the last two days sewing table cloths. I'll share some pictures next week and you can help me decide if the focus on the decor was worth it.


The pears on my kitchen floor reached critical ripeness phase and needed to be used or donated to the compost pile. I opted for a use that didn't require any finesse with the peeling and chopping. What you see here should become vanilla pear liqueur. It is steeping in a dark closet and will get strained and bottled in two week's time. I understand that it should be aged a bit after that, so it should be at it's peak around the holidays. I'll post a review as soon as tasting commences.

This is not much of a recipe, but here goes:

15-20 ripe pears, sliced off of the core

1 1/4 cups sugar

1/2 of a vanilla bean, seeds scraped out

1 really big bottle of cheapity-cheap store brand vodka

Mix 1 cup of sugar, vanilla bean and seeds and a couple of cups of the vodka in a big jar and stir or shake to dissolve the sugar. Add the pears and top off with the vodka and the additional 1/4 cup of sugar. Shake to distribute sugar. Place in a cool dark place to steep for two weeks. Strain through coffee filters and bottle. Age for a while and then enjoy.

I'll give tips on mixing after we taste. Cheers!

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