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Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Preserved's Blueberry Maple Jam

Yes, I will admit it. I succumbed to imported blueberries from Costco. I missed the local blueberry season. After I decided to commit to work-week jam making due to the magical appearance of local, organic raspberries at Costco, I thought, "Oh what the heck. I really wanted to try that blueberry/maple jam and this may be my last chance." So, here you have it - 5 half pints of blueberry magic.
Well Preserved has become one of my favorite food blogs. This Blueberry Maple Jam flew through the interwebs, inspiring jammers across the nation. It is well worth trying and would be a great jam for beginners. One of the reason berries are a good mid-week jamming project is that there is very little fruit prep. Wash those berries and mash them around a bit and you are ready to go.

The good folks at Well Preserved mentioned that this jam results in a soft set due the additional liquid provided by the maple syrup. The only change I made to their recipe was to use 2/3 cup of home made apple pectin. (I used these instructions from Tigress and froze the apple pectin in 2/3 cup portions.) Mr. Dwayne says it is nummy.

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