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Monday, January 2, 2012

Lovely Lotion

Start by grating 2 tbsp. bees wax into the top of a double boiler. 

 I've been using straight, extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer for a while. It smells great and feels great. Smoothing it in after a hot shower just feels like good, solid self care. Sadly, my love of coconut oil has been hard on my clothing. I wanted to find a lotion that would give me the same yummy feel, but soak into my skin in a reasonable amount of time. After a few tries, this Lovely Lotion came into being. As usual, I didn't start from pure imagination. I started with this recipe, but adjusted it to suit my preferences. This is a rich lotion for dry times. It has been a skin saver this winter.

My friend Katy wanted to learn how to make this lotion and volunteered to document the process and did a great job. Thanks for the pictures and the swell day together!

 All of the measurements for this recipe are approximate. 
You will have to eyeball it and trust your intuition.

 While the beeswax is melting over simmering water, "measure" 2/3 cup of extra virgin coconut oil

 "Measure" 3 tbsp. shea butter.

 Allow the wax to melt completely, then add the coconut oil and shea butter. Melt them together.

 While the solid oils melt, measure 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel and 1/4 cup distilled water.

 Pour the melted oils and wax into a tall bowl. Place the glass cup with the aloe vera gel and water into the pan of simmering water to warm slightly. The emulsification will work better if everything is close to the same temp.

 When everything  is around the same temp, use a blender to slowly mix the aloe/water mix into the oils until it becomes white and creamy.

 Add the contents of one punctured vitamin E capsule...

 ...and several shakes of lavender and grapefruit essential oils. 
Whip some more!

 This is enough to fill two half-pint jars. It is quite solid at cool room temp, so I scoop it out with a little pink tester spoon from 31 Flavors. Avoiding dipping with fingers helps it last longer too. There are no preservatives you know!

Here I am, luxuriating in this scrummy lotion! Can you believe I'm an old girl with no make up! I will say that when I do wear make up over it, I have to watch that my mascara doesn't smudge. 

Lovely Lotion
2 tbsp. grated beeswax
2/3 cup extra virgin coconut oil
3 tbsp. shea butter
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
1/4 cup distilled water
1 vitamin E capsule
Several drops each lavender and grapefruit essential oils

See the directions above and enjoy!!!

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